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Sheikh Shaban Mubajje’s Tenure to Expire in July

KAMPALA: The tenure of Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, the mufti of Uganda expires on July 14, 2022.
However, this does not mean he cannot seek re-election.
Under the current Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) constitution, Mubajje, 66 is supposed to relinquish office when he clocks 70 years in 2025.
Mubaje announced during the memorial prayers for the late Hajj Abdurahman Ddamulira in Masaka over the weekend that all committees of UMSC will expire in July 2022.
He said this will pave way for the general election of new leaders from the grassroots to the general assembly, the top organ of UMSC.
UMSC last organised elections for members of the General Assembly in 2012 and for the Mufti in 2000.
Mubaje urged muslims nationwide to prepare to elect their leaders and advised them to select people who would unite and deliver development to the Muslims.
Using different quotations from Quran, Mubaje said for “a child to resemble his or her father is an indicator that such children will protect the name and legacy of their departed parents.”
“We have seen prominent families that firmly supported UMSC on its divine call of unity fading with the demise of the family heads simply because their children betrayed them and abandoned their legacies. So muslims whatever displeased your parents when they were alive, still displeases them after their death,” he said.
The late Ddamulira was a prominent business man and political activist in the greater Masaka region.
Former Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi said Ddamulira left an impact on the community.
The Minister of Defence, Vincent Bamulazeki Ssempijja described the late as a freedom fighter who sacrificed his life for the struggle that brought political stability to the country.


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