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Vacate Wetlands – PM Robinah Nabbanja

Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabanja has called for urgent action by the respective communities in the country, to vacate wetlands as directed by Cabinet. She made these remarks on Saturday August 7, 2021 during her maiden visit to Kakumiro District since she had been appointed Prime Minister for the Republic of Uganda.
The Premier who is also the Kakumiro District Woman Member of Parliament, was in the district as part of her mobilization effort to popularize Cabinet’s directive on protecting the environment and wetlands in particular. ‘Swamps are a unique heritage we have as a country. Leave swamps alone for the good of everyone.’ She advised.    She particularly urged the people in Kakumiro District to take the lead in preserving and conserving the environment.
She noted that rice growing in swamps blocks water flow through culverts causing floods and consequently affecting the road network. The Prime Minister and the area Members of Parliament also met at Kakumiro District headquarters to elect the leadership of the District Road Fund Committee where the Bugangaizi East Member of Parliament Aisha Agaba Black was elected as the Chairperson. A work plan and budget for road construction and maintenance was passed during the same meeting. Government has given some kilometers of a tarmac road although most of the roads in the District are murram.
The road from Kakumiro-Nkooko up to Kyakwanzi has been lined up to be tarmacked. The Road Fund Committee identified some roads to be constructed this Quarter and also worked out a mechanism of how to supervise the road network in the district.
The Chairperson of the District Road Fund Aisha Agaba Black, pledged the committee’s resolve to improve the local road network which feeds into the critical oil roads in Bunyoro region. ‘We have agreed to reduce the cost at which these roads are being maintained,’ she said.
Others who attended the meeting included the State Minister for Transport Fred Byamukama and Senior Officials of Kakumiro District Local Government.


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