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Kenyans Predict Possible August Presidential Results

NAIROBI: Governor Lee Kinyanjui has predicted possible results in the upcoming August 9th polls. According to the Nakuru Governor, the naming of Ruto and Raila running mates determined of what will possibly happen come the August 9th polls. Kinyanjui is clear Kenyans are yearning for change and Martha Karua represents those hopes.
Lee Kinyanjui confirms that at the moment, Raila Odinga is likely to gain more votes in the Mt Kenya region block after picking Martha Karua. He is clear the undecided voters cannot be moved by Rigathi Gachagua whose record and history is known since his days as a District Commissioner.
Kinyanjui opines that the deputy President William Ruto will lose the August 9th polls hands down to Raila Odinga and Martha Karua. He opines that already the deputy President William Ruto and Gachagua are people who behave like dictators and whom Kenyans are largely against.
Whether Lee Kinyanjui prediction will come to be, it’s all but a matter of wait and see for he has failed to appreciate that Raila has also lost terribly in Kalonzo Musyoka bases especially in the Lower Eastern region counties after the running mate debacle.

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